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We are so happy we chose KRK Matthews
We consider Kids R Kids-Matthews an extension of our family. We have only been there for about a year and half but it seems like much longer. From day one, they were ALL so nice and accommodating and great to work with. Our kids have had a blast and have made so many wonderful friends they wouldn't have made otherwise. I can't say enough about Kids R Kids-Matthews. The things that my pre-schooler has learned have been incredible and he will most certainly be prepared for Kindergarten. The field trips that the summer program offers are simply unmatched by any other facility, to the Parent's Nights Out, the fabulous photography offered by "Mr. B", the addition of the splash pad to the wonderful events involving parents and families, the partnership with ABC Mouse, the fantastic meals cooked by the chefs, the enrichment classes, the online viewing which helped a worried mom in the very beginning... the list goes on and on.
Kristen & Brian Misurale
Dear Prospective Parents
I am so happy to write to you on behalf of Kids R Kids Matthews to tell you what a wonderful experience my daughters have had at KRK. My oldest daughter started at KRK when she was 20 months old, not too long after KRK opened. We chose KRK because if our daughter was going to spend a great deal of her day in preschool, we wanted her to be at a place where the teachers were loving and where she would get plenty of special attention. We also wanted her to be exposed to a rich curriculum through out many subject areas. As an educator, I know that small children need to learn through play. KRK provides an excellent balance of play and time for instruction. The children get to experience and apply the things they learn. While at KRK, some of the things Emily did were watch caterpillars turn in to butterflies and learn to sound out and read her first words. She learned about the Wright Brothers and made airplanes, and letters and sounds were matched to words instead of learned in isolation. The Spanish program is fantastic. It was so much fun to all of a sudden hear my child tell me something in Spanish or sing me a song! Emily did very well in kindergarten and continues to enjoy and excel in first grade. Her kindergarten teacher called her “a high flyer.” I know KRK played a large part in that. Her teachers strove to challenge each child at the appropriate level. Our youngest daughter began at KRK when she was two. Before she came to KRK, she had open heart surgery. Leaving her in full-time childcare was very difficult for me, but I knew that she was in excellent and caring hands, and I knew she would blossom there. I was so grateful for the concern and flexibility of the staff as we worked on her transition to preschool. The teachers were (and still are) warm and welcoming, and they are truly concerned about the development of the whole child. They have encouraged my shy child to standup for herself, to take turns, and to play with others as much as they have encouraged her to learn her numbers, colors, and letters. The most important reasons we chose KRK were the staff and the curriculum, but there are other great perks to being a part of the KRK family which help a busy parent’s life. KRK lets you enroll your child in other activities that come to school like dance or soccer. It is so nice to be able to spend time with your child after work without having to rush them to an activity! We also love Kids’ Night Out which is held about once a month for a reasonable cost. If you wish, you can even order premade dinners from Switchin’ Kitchens. My favorite perk, though, is that KRK does not have a cutoff time for drop off. If your child has a routine doctor’s appointment and the doctor keeps you waiting in the morning, your child doesn’t have to miss for the day. Or, for example, my husband used to work from home, and there were times he could let our daughter sleep later in the morning and then bring her in. Time with our kids is very precious, and I appreciate that KRK recognizes that and helps us spend time with our kids. Sincerely, Susie Evans, M.A., National Board Certified Teacher and mom to two amazing kids!
Susie Evans - NC
It`s so refreshing!
Thomas and April, we wanted to take a moment, now that Kathryn is settled into the infant room, to thank you and your staff. As you know, it`s never easy to leave your child, but we can honestly say all of you have gone above and beyond to help make the transition an easy one. The teachers in Suite 100 are some of the warmest people we`ve met and seem to really enjoy what they do. They always wear a smile and greet you with such warmth - money can`t buy the peace of mind they`ve given us. As a parent you know you have made the right decision in childcare when your child is just as happy when you drop them off as they are to see you when you pick them up. We`re sure we`re telling you what you already know, but you really have a great group of people working for you!, from teachers to directors and beyond -we`ve had such a great experience. It`s been so amazing for us to watch Zachary blossom into the vibrant little boy he`s become, part of which we owe to Kids `R` Kids!! - thank you. Again, Scott and I wanted to thank you for your kindness and the passion you and your staff have. It`s so refreshing! Sincerely, Scott & Jessica Reed
Scott & Jessica Reed - NC
A Truly Exceptional Place to Grow and Learn!
Both of our children have attended Kids R Kids. My oldest went all the way through and to Afterschool. The youngest still goes and looks forward to it every day! The teachers are exceptional. They are friendly, loving, and they truly do teach the children social skills and the curriculum. The owners and directors are so approachable and professional. They know every child by name and go out of their way to make them feel special. They LOVE children and it shows. The food is healthy, and creative options are offered by the chef. I know we will miss this place and these people when our children are grown!
Scott & Stephanie Torrez - NC
Thank you KRK Matthews!
Wow! Where do we start, both of our boys have attended KRK since they were 5 months and 3 months old. In researching childcare for our boys, the criteria important to us: a place where our children would be cared for in a safe, loving, educational and fun environment. I can honestly say that KRK has provided that and so much more for our children! I really feel that everyone from the amazing owners, dedicated staff and quality teachers truly care about the children - everyone makes you feel like a part of the KRK family! KRK provides numerous opportunities to expose the children to activities and programs like Spanish, music and sports where their learning and education continues. There is absolutely no where else we would consider taking our children. My oldest son has just graduated from the Pre-K program at KRK (he was a part of the 1st group to begin in the infant room and graduate from the last classroom at KRK). The curriculum at KRK has more than prepared him for Kindergarten, his Kindergarten teacher says from a knowledge standpoint he is in the top 25% of his class! We can’t thank KRK enough for all they have done and for all that they continue to do for our family!
Freda & Cedric Ficklin - NC
High Quality Childcare! Love it!
We are first time parents and I am also a working mom. We started looking for daycare for our little one while I was pregnant. We are lucky to have found KidsRKids, which was a highly recommended day care center near our home. Our son started here when he was only 8 weeks old. As a new mom, having to drop him off at daycare was one of the hardest things I had to do. However, the staff at KidRKids, the managers, everyone else at the facility were such wonderful and caring people that it made the transition of being back at work and leaving behind my dearest treasure much easier. There is so much I could list that I like from the center but I will point out a few:  Open communication – (I love the communication). I believe this is the best way to form a solid partnership between parent and daycare center. I love being able to check on my baby whenever I want via the cameras at the center and also being able to call the teachers on a daily basis. Honestly the camera is a great way to see what is going on, but I still enjoy very much talking with the teachers and listening to what they have to say. They are always so cheerful and share many things with me about my baby’s daily activities. I enjoy receiving a daily log of my son’s activity and this has become the main reference doc that I use at home to keep track of what is going on with my son as it relates to (feeds, naps and other).  Qualified and caring staff. The staff here is fantastic. Most of the teachers are parents themselves and can easily relate to the parents and provide advice if needed (especially to first time parents). Those that are not parents are extremely loving and caring to the kids.  Attention to personal needs. For example, I am sometimes a little bit overprotective and controlling and I can be somewhat intense. However this is not a problem for KRK staff. They have accommodated me and the fears that I have as a first time mother and have channeled my worries of leaving him behind, by showing me, love, patience, caring and by earning my trust. They have also surprised me many times by sending great pictures of my son to my cell phone; that always brightens my day. I know they really care and each day do the best they can to take care of my son (and us parents). I am forever thankful.  Promptness to act to parent’s feedback. I am each day delighted to see how quickly the teachers respond to any given feedback they receive. This is a sign of high quality care and it really is.  Great open hours! I work uptown and traffic is horrible. However, being able to have until 6:30pm to pick up my son works beautifully for me. Most centers are closed by 5:30 or 6:00pm. I could go on and go since I am in love with KidrKids of Matthews day care. My son will be 4 months next Saturday and I am so thankful that Ms Christen, Ms Cori and Ms Susanne make each day a happy day with fun activities and love for my bab
Miriam Leonard - NC
More than just a daycare center
My son Riley started attending Kids R Kids at Austin Village when he was 11 months old and I have to say that was the best decision we could have made for our son. It has been so much more than a place to drop him off every day while we work. The teachers and staff are wonderful. You can tell that they truly care about the children and they take their jobs very seriously. My son just finished his last week at KRK and is off to Kindergarten. This is an exciting time for us but it is also sad because KRK has been a part of our family for 5 years. Riley has learned so much over the years. He knows how to read, write and do math and that is all thanks to the quality teachers at KRK. I cannot even begin to express our gratitude to everyone at KRK. I know he would not have received the same quality education anywhere else. It was worth every penny!
Kelly Robinson - NC
Proud to be the owner!
As the owner of Kids `R` Kids, I am very proud of the amazing teachers and program we offer. As a parent, I could not be any happier with my children`s experiences at Kids `R` Kids, in fact, I am amazed everyday at what they bring home to share! My 12 month absolutely adores his teachers, and when I drop him off in the morning I know he is being left in loving and caring hands! My 3 year old son, Mr. Ball of Energy, has been here since he was 8 weeks old and his teachers have been amazing at channeling that energy in just the right direction for him to soak up and absorb the wonderful things our curriculum teaches. Not to mention, having Soccer Shots and Traveling Tumblebugs here has given him an extra avenue to focus some of that energy. My daughter, Little Ms. Social, is 5 years old and will start as a kindergartner at Socrates Academy next week. She was the very first infant ever enrolled into our program when she was 5 months old. Having been at Kids `R` Kids for 5 years, she has developed very strong friendships with her classmates through the years, ones that she will keep for a very long time. Academically, she is far beyond we ever dreamed at this point for her age and the new things she brings home to share with us have been just astounding. We are so excited for her as she steps up to the next level in this big world, she is definitely ready! At the end of the day, I can say with great honesty we have amazing teachers here that have been with us for a long time, and our amazing program continues to be a proven success for the kids. As a parent I am so happy that my children will get the base and fundamentals for their future at this Kids `R` Kids!
Thomas Garcia - NC
My son can`t wait to go to school each day!
Before finding Kids R kids Austin Village I previous had my son at four other schools. None of which compare to Kids R Kids, The curriculum is awesome, the teachers are amazing, and they offer everything you could want for your child. He has been there two years plus, he loves his school soo much he gets upset on the weekends when he can`t go!
Nakisha Austin - NC
Thank you Kids R Kids!
We can`t thank Kids R Kids enough. They provide excellent programs and care for our children. They also employee great teachers that are dedicated to helping our kids learn. They update us every day on our children`s activities and make sure that we know how our children are progressing and when they need improvement. Our youngest child is 4 years old and will be attending kindergarden next year. We believe that due to Kids R Kids, she is better prepared both from an academic and a social perspective. Thank you again and we look forward to the coming years.
Michael & Christine Evans - NC
Kids R Kids is our family!
My husband and I consider ourselves lucky to have both of our children attend Kids R Kids Austin Village. I will never forget the tearful day we dropped off our first born for the very first time. After spending every waking minute with my baby girl for the first three months of her life, how could I leave her in the hands of total strangers for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Would they decipher what each cry meant? Would they know how she liked to be held? What toys amused her? What noises scared her? While I didn’t doubt that her basic needs would be attended to, would she truly be “cared” for? Today, that tiny baby girl is about to turn four, and her brother is a few months shy of turning two. Today, there is no doubt in my mind that Kids R Kids was the best decision we ever made for our children. Today, this school holds a special place in all of our hearts – a place reserved for family. Over the years, it has been an incredible experience to witness first hand our babies grow and develop thanks to the wonderful, extraordinary and loving staff at KRK. The superior level of education never ceases to amaze us, and we know that both of our kids will be fully prepared to conquer Kindergarten. The school is well run; the curriculum is fun, educational, interesting, and very well taught. The staff is fantastic. They don’t “babysit”. They don’t simply “watch your kids while you are at work”. They teach, and teach well, in such a way that kids not only enjoy it, but also retain the lessons, which make for fun dinnertime conversations and adorable sing-and-dance shows. Above all, we are truly grateful for every person we have encountered at the school. The owners are always present, easy to talk to, and accommodating. The teachers form such a bond with the kids, it is always bittersweet when it comes time to “move up” to the next class. They go above and beyond to make each child feel special, loved, and nurtured. They have a tough job, but one that they are passionate about. Finally, the bond that the kids share among themselves is probably the most important. Our almost four-year-old daughter has been with the same group of kids since she was 3 months old. To see them grow together, form friendships, learn to care for each other, talk together, hug each other goodbye at the end of the day, … it’s just all so sweet. The social skills they learn at such a young age will benefit them the rest of their lives. So while I shed many, many, many tears of worry and concern the day I dropped her off in July 2006, I know I will shed many, many, many tears when she “graduates” from KRK in the summer of 2011… but this time, tears of immense gratitude and love!
Sophie & Brian Austin - NC
Fabulous All Around
From the administrative staff, teachers and even the other parents - Kid `R` Kids at Austin Village is remarkable. Clearly and proudly owned and operated by the Garcia family - our children have grown by leaps and bounds under the tutelage of this fine establishment. We especially love the caring yet firm ways the teachers have helped our children to grow mentally in character and education. This is not just a Day Care facility. It`s part of our family now too. We love Kids `R` Kids.
Jill & Keith Meyerson - NC
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